Barn Frames for Sale

If you are the type of person who is inspired by the thought of owning an historic barn frame, you will find that the process is not as difficult as the term relocation may imply. If your plan is to convert a barn frame into a home or perhaps a multie use recreation barn, the importance of starting with a structurally sound, spectacular frame cannot be understated. Cullen Construction has the technical expertise, and industry connections to find that stunning barn frame and deliver to you a piece of history worthy of the dream that inspired it. Working with your architect, we will help coordinate certain aspects of design / engineering, develop accurate construction budgets for all phases of your project, and manage the construction process from start to finish.

All barn frames are not created equal or alike and if you are going to invest your heart and money into a project of this caliber, it obviously starts with a great frame. We source most of our barn frames from the northern states and even Canada. We have found over the years that in those regions barns were built utilizing larger sized timbers due to the heavier snow loads, and perhaps they had access to larger timber stands. For this type of project, the initial selection of a barn frame and the cost to dismantle, transport, repair, make alterations, and reconstruct the frame, is the starting point for the design process, to include development of a total construction budget.

The barn frames we sell are all priced individually based on the unique characteristics and size of each, but as a general rule they sell between $25 to $40  per Sq. Ft. based on the foundation footprint of the barn. The price of our frames includes all the upper posts and beams, girts, knee braces, rafter plates, purlin system, and rafters. Frame will be power washed and skillfully repaired with like materials to preserve original appearance, to include frame modifications if required. You and your architect will receive photographs and detailed barn frame plans to scale, with all dimensions, including tag numbers for each piece. The reconstruction cost of a frame is priced individually as well, but generally in the range of $10 to $20 per Sq. Ft. based on the barn foundation foot print, to be incorporated in the overall construction budget.