Antique Timber Framing

Early Americans of English, German, and Dutch dissent brought their old world Knowledge of timber framing to the original colonies to build the foundation of a new nation. Colonial and 19th century craftsmen build their homes, barns, and bridges from vast forests of virgin timber. Today, those old growth forests have disappeared leaving us the historic timber frame structures that our ancestors built as monuments to a bygone era.

It is in this tradition that Cullen Construction has assembled a team of craftsmen with the knowledge and expertise needed to restore your Pennsylvania Bank Barn to its original use and condition utilizing salvaged materials and traditional masonry techniques. Maybe the barn on your property has out lived its original intended use and you want to repurpose it. Cullen construction can work with you and your architect to breathe new life into an old barn by turning it into the home of your dreams. If you already have that home, maybe a recreation barn for entertaining, or a unique structure to house a prized car collection.

There are other ways that Cullen Construction has worked in the past to preserve historic structures. Perhaps you are in need of a barn and the idea of owning a totally unique historic structure appeals to you. Cullen construction can relocate any number of professionally documented, tagged and dismantled barns to a new or existing foundation on your property. Working with you and your architect we will locate the structure that best fits your needs, collaborate with design and engineering, establish total project budget and manage the construction process from foundation to finish paint.