Geothermal Energy Solutions

Geothermal energy is an investment in the future and offers the ability to tap into the earth for a new, renewable source of energy.

If you have ever considered converting to geothermal, but have thought it would be too costly or complicated, Cullen Construction has the expertise and experience to help make the decision easier.

Some Geothermal Advantages

  • Lower Utility Bills: Geothermal heat pumps will reduce heating, cooling and hot water costs
  • Earth-Friendly: Conserves natural resources and minimizes pollution with zero onsite emissions
  • Comfort:  Provides an even level of heating and cooling along with consistent humidity levels through long run cycles
  • Safe:  No fuel source, flame, or combustion byproducts
  • Noise-Free:  No noisy outdoor fans
  • Longer System Life:  All components are located indoors and free from outdoor elements.
  • More Ways to Save:  Federal tax credit saves you 30% on the total cost (till 2016)