General Contracting

A project that bears the Cullen name is a statement of our dedication to quality.

Cullen Construction Inc. is committed to clear communication between all parties throughout every aspect of the building process. We treat our customers with the utmost integrity, respect and consideration.

Our goal is to make the experience of owning a home built by Cullen Construction so satisfying that first-time clients become life-long customers. We hold ourselves to stringent quality standards and are dedicated to serving our customers long after construction is complete.

With our in-house estimators, we are able to give a comprehensive bid on all projects before construction, presenting a sound budget to work from with a clear understanding of where the money is spent.

As part of working with the Cullen Construction team, each job is given serious attention to detail and a watchful eye throughout the duration of every project.

  • AIA (American Institute of Architects) documents are used for all contracts.
  • Schematic plan evaluations
  • Overall coordination
  • Site visits
  • Owner and architect review meetings
  • Detailed pre-construction control budget estimating
  • Allowance schedules
  • Budget clarification updates
  • Selection schedules to ensure timely decisions
  • Pre- Construction schedule
  • Ongoing Construction schedule updated as the job progresses.  (reflects increases or decreases to schedule for unforeseen delays, and additions along the way)
  • All subcontractor properly vetted and fully insured