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Low Maintenance Manmade Countertops

With all of the countertop options out there today is no wonder why there is so much confusion, it is enough to make the head spin. For example, I didn’t realize that paper counter tops were a true, viable option until I started this article! It’s amazing what technology and focus on the environment can […]

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Marble vs. Granite Countertops

When shopping for counters with clients the biggest question is marble or granite? At the first meeting usually most clients want white marble; it is in every magazine and home site around. People love the striking, ultra-lux, pure look of white marble. Whether it is Cararra, Calcutta, Statuary, Danby, or Thasos, marble offers a richness […]

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Geothermal Energy Basics

“What is geothermal?” Has become a common question for us here at Cullen Construction, and most often it is followed by the comment “what will that cost me?” or “that sounds expensive”. In this, our first blog post, we hope to shed some light onto the common questions and misconceptions that come with a geothermal […]

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